Saskatoon Building Inspection & Engineering Services

As Saskatchewan’s largest city, and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Saskatoon is seeing more condos being built than ever before. We offer services in performance auditing, reserve fund study, cost estimating, bid solicitation, special engineering investigations, design and repair, and more.

If you’re a construction manager, architect, or building owner in need of expert and data-driven building inspections, the engineers at Criterium-Jansen Engineers are ready to get started on your project.

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View of Saskatoon from across the river, next to a bridge.

Getting Started

To successfully comply with the National Building Code, which is achieved through mandatory inspections for permits, contact Criterium-Jansen at 1-306-985-5136. We’re available to answer your questions & concerns about building inspections in Saskatoon and can get started right away.

Our Saskatoon Engineering Services

Do you need inspection and engineering services for your Saskatoon building or business? Get to know the engineering services our Criterium-Jansen team provides:

Environmental Engineering Services from Criterium Jansen Engineers


Protect your health! Call us for indoor air quality inspections as well as mould and asbestos concerns. We’ll ensure your Saskatoon home, office building, or residence is safe and protected.

Residential Engineering Services from Criterium Jansen Engineers


We provide residential inspection services for individuals looking to protect their families, and for real estate agents looking for a partner in providing accurate inspections to their potential buyers.

High Rise Condominiums

Condominium Building

We offer services in performance auditingreserve fund study, cost estimating, bid solicitation, special engineering investigations, design and repair, and more. Visit our condominium inspection services page to learn more about our competitive advantages.

about commercial

Commercial Building

Criterium-Jansen Engineers offers a suite of commercial services including PCA, Phase I ESA, diagnosis and repair, and design services. Visit our commercial service page to discover how we do things differently.

Did you know?

  • Saskatoon is named after the Cree word for a local wild growing berry
  • The hockey legend Gordie Howe (1928-2016) spent much of his early life in Saskatoon
  • The Saskatoon area has been inhabited for at least 4000 years (with some estimates of up to 8000!). Long before European settlers in 1883.
  • Saskatoon is often called “Paris of the Prairies” due to the many bridges within it’s borders

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Need reserve fund study services? How about Phase 1 ESA? We’re here to help with all of your building and condominium engineering and inspection concerns. Contact us today at 1-306-985-5136.

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